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Maritime and coastal services

For more than one decade, Sealand installs signalling buoys, water channels, floating recreational platforms, I like any other element or device requiring a professional installation in the marine field.

For this we have a full fleet of professional boats designed and adapted for all kinds of works and be able to satisfy the different needs of our customers. In recent years, we have expanded the services to perform and as a result we have incorporated into our fleet different types of professional craft such as dredgers, cleaning boats and pontoons.

Likewise, our speciality has required the incorporation to our team of different professional profiles of the sector, such as naval engineers, captains of the Merchant Navy, more cabotage patterns, as well as technical specialists of different nature.

This division by his ambivalent character is capable of offering service to the different business units of the Sealand group as it can be to the underwater work and support rescue, marine and offshore, in performances in ports and maritime works, etc.

An effective service, motivated by a commitment to action