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For almost 30 years Jetfloats have been tested from Alaska to Kuwait.

Time has shown its quality for use in homes, marinas, aquaculture, installations, work platforms, dry dams, helipads and bridges.

The individual Jetfloats units are modular units made of high density polyethylene.

The units can be interconnected to form the floating structure that is desired.

Jetfloats require little maintenance and is very respectful of the environment.

Jetfloats have four brackets or connectors.

Each pin is especially marked with one, two, three, or four points, ensuring the proper mounting sequence.

The individual Jetfloats slide together to form a section of the floating dock.

The units simply must be disposed, so that the centre of each unit lay out in the same direction.

This places the points automatically in an assembly sequence in the opposite direction to the clock needles.